EELCEE's UD Tape process line for the production of various size UD tapes stands out for cost-effective processing line with performance and speed. Our UD-Tapes line are for the applications in lightweight construction and our UD-Tape line technology is also suited for large-volume production and can be directly connected to QEE-TECH® CELL and ATL/ATP Line.

EELCEE's UD Tape process line is based on many years of research and development, know-how in composite material, hand-on experience in this area and through productions of many composite process lines. High UD tape price sold by global companies has been the blockage to spread the technology and also for the quality UD tape process line, it requires know-how not only in composite materials but also in equipment and control systems. Our UD Tape line price is competitive as it is our strategy to expand the UD Tape process line globally. It is also for our QEE-TECH®products (equipment, hardware, engineering service of application development, and Composite high volume Smart factory as product) as most of our products use UD Tapes. Reinforcing Fibers are glass, carbon, basalt and natural fiber in a thermoplastic matrix.

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