EELCEE supplies the most cost effective high volume production system with digitalization (IIoT) and turn-key solutions including UD Tape Process Line, Automated Tape Laying Cell and various 3D-Preforming Robotic Cells.

Our equipment design and manufacturing capabilities include, the world-class IR oven, composite creels, Automated Tape Placement to robotic automation cells which are adapted & well-suited for your products and production technique. 



Turnkey provider of high-volume process lines

With research and development, innovative processes, automation as well as the ongoing optimization of existing production processes, EELCEE is a turnkey provider of composite high-volume production process solutions, equipment and robotic cells.

QEE-TECH® Process:  Preform production robotic cell

M-TOW® Process System:  Preforming process line with over-braiding and robotic preforming equipment

UD Tape Line Supplier: Production of UD tapes of all sizes, fibers and polymers 

Innovative composite equipment like IR Ovens, various composite creels, slitting and weaving machines, to automated tape placement (ATP/ATL)

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High-volume thermoplastic composite manufacturing equipment supplier and integrator of digital solutions for process and product improvement.

EELCEE is leading in composite machinery and manufacturing processes adaptable for high-volume, high-speed applications.

EELCEE offers several products like creels, heating systems, world-class IR ovens, tape slitting machines, UD tape weaving machines as well as complete systems designed for use in composites fabrication and in the industrialization of high-volume manufacture of thermoplastic composites.

EELCEE also develops IoT Digital Manufacturing Cells for MES system implementation



EELCEE offers ground-breaking innovation for structural composite parts & cost-efficient production of complex-shaped composite preforms.  Our services include:

·       Innovation support

·       Application engineering

·       Prototype manufacturing

·       Preform production

·       Composite process equipment design

and fabrication

·       Smart manufacturing solutions

·       Control system design and integration

·       Specialized industrialization


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